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Miliken State Park is open

According to m-bike, Miliken State Park is finally open to the public. This means that the Riverfront doesn’t dead end at Rivard Plaza anymore, but continues east for a bit. There is a trailhead to the Dequindre Cut that is part of the park, but apparently that isn’t quite done yet.

Any progress is good progress — although we cannot wait until the day when Bridge to Bridge becomes a reality.

Read more here.

Tricentennial Park Expansion

Just to our east, the state of Michigan has begun construction on the wetlands that will expand Tricentennial State Park and will include pedestrian and bike paths. It’s quite exciting on a couple of levels: we’re going to be next-door to wetlands (seriously, how cool is that!) and the RiverWalk will extend yet farther east. m-bike has some pics. Good news for the city and the state. And we can all use that these days.

Things that make us happy

1 – Beautiful autumn weather – best cycling of the year!

2 – The fact that construction has begun on the expansion of Tricentennial State Park — next year we will be next-door to actual wetlands. Amazing.

3 – 3 days and counting to the Tour de Troit — see you there!