Prepping for the 2011 Tour Season

It’s almost here, April 9, our first tour of the year! We are busy scheduling tour stops and drafting routes and this Saturday, April 2, we will spend a few hours training several new tour guides!

Most of our tours are up at, although we have a few more to post. You can also check out our Google calendar on the front page of our site,, to take a look at the entire year.

We are bringing back all of our favorites, like Belle Isle, Eastern Market, Urban Agriculture and Architecture, and adding some new ones like Brewing History and a few longer tours for people interested in really riding.

We look forward to riding with you and sharing our love of Detroit!


3 responses to “Prepping for the 2011 Tour Season

  1. Robert Johnson

    Where is the meeting place for the tours? Is there vehicle parking near by? What is the fee? In other words what web site provides the above information?

    Your advice and counsel will be appreciated.

  2. Robert Johnson

    Where can I obtain additional information about the tours? Meeting place, time, vehicle parking and etc.

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