Tours + Tour de Troit

We are getting calls from Grouponers about the fact that our tours for the season are pretty much sold out. While we are very sorry that we won’t be able to ride with you this year, we did offer 50 (yes, 50!) tours throughout the season, plenty of which were not sold out.

We are exceedingly busy this week with the Tour de Troit, which has 3,225 (!) riders registered! We are looking forward to a stellar 9th edition of the TdT! See you at Roosevelt Park or at the shop for packet pick-up!

One last note, M-Bike has a great summary of all the cycling activities going on around town this weekend. With PEAC’s ride last weekend to kick things off, we hope to evolve this into a proper Detroit Bike Week really soon.


2 responses to “Tours + Tour de Troit

  1. Liz Larson-Shidler

    So, what are we to do with our four groupons…eat them? Is there a possibility that there would be some groupon private group going either the weekends of October 9th, 16th or 23rd? Or an extension on the groupon? My husband works Tuesday nights, which put all of those out, and my daughter worked weekends, which did away with those. Now that we could go on a weekend, there aren’t any left…

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