Dequindre Cut Re-Cap

The opening of the Dequindre Cut was truly lovely. Can’t say much about the speechifying, because we were too busy transporting (where was Jason Statham when we needed him?) 10 bikes from the shop over to the Cut!

Two of our cruisers were used to string the ribbon across the Cut for the grand snip. After the ceremony, there was a parade down the Cut with marching bands, walkers, roller bladers and, yes, bikers! Then we offered free 1/2-hour rentals so folks could ride to the end and back. We estimate we did about 35 or so — and between that and the wind knocking our bikes over, Alex and Kelli were busting butt the whole time! But well worth it — it seems like good times were had by all.

Read more about it at the Metro Times or watch this video!

2 responses to “Dequindre Cut Re-Cap

  1. I found you from the freep story on the Dequindre Cut. Never heard of it, even the planning of it, and never heard of you. But so glad I did. My son and are looking for different things to do this summer – we’ll see you all soon.

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