The Last Word

Kelli & Karen had “The Last Word” in this week’s Real Detroit.

We know we are dorks.

Here’s a sample:

What was the most exciting thing about being down here finally and what was the biggest challenge that you faced?
KK: The challenge was to get the word out, get people to come down here and see biking as a feasible entertainment option — not just for people who ride regularly. One of the most exciting things is when we rent to people from other places. You go to most major cities and renting a bike is not abnormal. They come here and expect to rent a bike and have Detroit deliver for them — it’s not a radical experience for them. Getting to see a city by bike is awesome, and allows a fair view of this town that not many visitors get to see.
KG: On the flipside, I love it when Detroiters and residents and local people come in and are like, “Whoa! That’s whats up.”

Check the whole thing out here!

Also, remember to come out tomorrow between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. for the grand opening of the Dequindre Cut! We’ll be at the Woodbridge (south) entrance with free bike rentals, coupons and of course, info about tours, group rides and all that kind of fun stuff.


2 responses to “The Last Word

  1. We just finalized our plans to come up for the 3rd through the 9th & I’m hoping we can come check you guys out. I actually went to UofD with KK, but have been living in FL for the past 7 years. I’m hoping we’ll be able to come rent some bikes, but I’m pregnant & not knowing how the biking will play out with the belly & the 3 yo. So excited to see how you guys are contributing to the community, tho. Very exciting, necessary stuff!

  2. Thanks! Hope you can make it down while you are in town!

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