Non-Motorized Plan + Tour de Troit Reminder + Stickers! + Farewell to Night Rides

Some good news for Biking in the D! The Detroit Non-Motorized Transportation Plan was supported by the City Council’s Public Health and Safety Committee on Monday, and will likely go in front of the entire body next week. Read m-bike’s comprehensive take here.

Saturday is the last day to pre-register for the Tour de Troit and receive a tee-shirt. The ride is set for September 20, so what are you waiting for? Just do it here.

And in news that is slightly less serious, we finally have shop stickers. Come by and grab one for your bike, helmet, even -gasp- your automobile. They are pretty sweet (Thanks, h_illa!)!

Sadly, we’re going to call it quits on our Wednesday night rides for the year. We’re pretty wrapped up with Tour de Troit and our Neighborhood Tours, so that is our excuse. Thanks to everyone that’s ridden with us, we’ve had a blast and we’ll be ready for next year!


One response to “Non-Motorized Plan + Tour de Troit Reminder + Stickers! + Farewell to Night Rides

  1. Wow. Tour de Troit was a-ma-zing. Nothing short of that. The cops holding back traffic for like a thousand bikes all over the big city was like being in a presidential motorcade, as well as the countless sweethearts along the way who stood out on their porches and sidewalks and cheered us on. I will never forget such a wonderful experience, and can’t wait to do it again next year!!!!! Love you guys! Wow!

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