Oh what a weekend

Wow. Um, kind of glad it is over. We have been busy, busy, busy — especially on Sunday! We wrapped up lots of service, rented bunches of bikes and sold some fun stuff like baskets and racks and horns and lights.

Speaking of lights, have you seen the Knog Frog? It is very stylish and Karen attests that it is bright!

They come in 12 colors and have red or white LED lights. You can wrap them around your handlebars, seat post or helmet. We sell ’em for $14.95 each.

One of our customers this past weekend hails from a town in Italy where Abici bikes are hand-made. We only mention this because, um, they are gorgeous. And it was cool to rent a road bike to a visitor from across the pond.

We also rented to some girls from the UP and a guy from Idaho, who probably expect to be able to rent a bike when they are visiting a city. But the families from Detroit that we rented to were thrilled to have a recreational amenity in their own back yard. And we are thrilled to be able to provide it!

Lastly, we were name-checked in an interesting blog, Google Maps ‘Bike There’ — an Austin-based effort to encourage Google to add an option when giving directions for how to bike to your destination. We love the concept and hope Google takes the advice!

WheelHouse was mentioned in a post about broader cycling advocacy, that bike-sharing and rental are good ways to get non-cyclers back onto a bike. We think so too. Some of the people we have rented to haven’t been on a bike in decades. And it reminds them how much fun it is and what a good workout it is. We reckon some of those people might be more inclined to buy a bike.

So, yeah, we signed his petition.

We are closed tomorrow for our Memorial Day, but will re-open on Wednesday at 10 a.m. See you at the Wheelhouse!


One response to “Oh what a weekend

  1. Hi Wheelhouse!
    I rented a bike and kids trailer for a ride over Memorial Day weekend. We had a blast! My two little ones Jack and Harry loved the ride. We went down the riverwalk to Belle Isle and made a stop at the playscape. We are looking forward to the giant slide being open the next time we do the ride!
    So it hasn’t been a decade since I had been on a bike but it had been a while and Wheelhouse gave me the biking bug. A week after my ride I was at a local bike shop buying a commuter bike and will use it for leisure as well as transportation for school. Thanks so much for such a great time! My family will be back to try out the tag-a-long!

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